Custom Shower Trays: A Guide to Materials, Styles, and Features

Shower trays are a critical aspect of the bathroom, and they need to be perfect to bring out the best feel for users. However, many interior design businesses overlook shower trays. This lack of attention will affect the brand reputation of any company to a large extent.


If you want to stand out with your bathroom fittings in the industry, opting for custom shower trays is better than others. Custom interior design requires innovation in style and color, providing users with an unparalleled aesthetic and luxurious shower experience. This further adds another segment to your loyal customer base because not everyone wants to have the same old design that literally anyone can access.


Custom Shower Trays



What Custom Shower Trays Can Be Made of

Shower trays are mainly made up of 4 different materials, each having unique features and functionalities.


  • Stone resin shower trayis usually the top choice for a luxurious base for a bathing area. These are made from natural stone resin, offering premium durability and a solid structure that keeps the water from overflowing.


  • Acrylic shower traysare the most widely used ones, especially in typical bathroom construction. Acrylic is relatively lightweight and offers flexibility in styles.


  • Ceramic shower traysalso have a long history in washroom decor. They are known for their heavy weight and sturdiness.


  • Fibreglass shower traysare a relatively cheaper alternative to all the above materials. Therefore, its longevity is often compromised.


For more information about the comparison of shower tray material, please also read The Comprehensive Guide to Shower Tray Materials: A Definitive Analysis.



Styles of Custom Shower Trays

The style of shower bases can fall into several categories, each having a distinctive appeal and personality to cater to.


  1. Traditional

The traditional style for custom shower trays manifests elegance and charm. This style draws inspiration from historical cultures and architecture, featuring natural materials like stone. It usually incorporates gentle curves, indicating a sense of comfort and authenticity.


  1. Contemporary

The contemporary style embraces modern aesthetics, focusing on clean lines and sleek finishes. This style is characterized by an up-to-date feel and versatility. It usually involves neutral colors, muted tones, and straight-line designs, promoting a sense of spaciousness.


  1. Minimalist

The minimalist style aims to create an uncluttered environment. Minimalist shower trays prioritize uncluttered surfaces and monochronic colors to maintain a sense of simplicity. They sometimes involve discrete drainage systems, further contributing to their seamless appearance.


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Key Features of Custom-Made Shower Trays

When searching for custom shower trays, it is crucial to pick shower bases that complement the bathroom’s aesthetics and meet functional requirements. The following features should be considered:


  1. Non-Slip Surfaces

A place with extensive exposure to water, such as a washroom, requires installations with a slip-resistant surface. It can keep your customers away from slip hazards to a large extent.


  1. Built-in Seats

Most shower trays readily available in the market do not have a built-in seat. That’s why we need the custom shower trays. Therefore, looking for a shower tray manufacturer that can incorporate these features.


  1. Customizable Colors and Finishes

Customization is all about tasteful and exclusive designs unique to their user. These are the most visible aspect of a custom bathroom fixture that even an ordinary person may notice.



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DAYA: A Superior Custom Resin Shower Trays Supplier

DAYA, the leading custom shower tray brand, redefines the bathing experience with its exceptional products. Featuring a non-slip surface, built-in seats, and customizable colors, these made-to-measure shower trays have become a popular choice for people worldwide.


With a remarkable global presence, DAYA exports its top-of-the-line shower trays to 60 countries, empowering businesses to enhance their bathroom offerings. Boasting 23 years of experience, DAYA’s expertise and innovation are unparalleled.


The 48,000m² state-of-the-art factory ensures a monthly production of 80,000 pcs, guaranteeing a seamless supply of high-quality products. Specializing in professional OEM/ODM services, DAYA caters to the unique needs of customers worldwide.


Elevate your shower experience with DAYA’s custom resin shower trays – the epitome of excellence in design and functionality. Choose DAYA, and transform your bathroom into a personalized oasis of comfort and style.




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