Elevate Your Commercial Bathroom with DAYA’s Low Profile Shower Pan

DAYA‘s low profile shower pan is the ideal choice for commercial bathrooms seeking a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. With the low-profile design, unique delicate slate stone texture, and anti-slip properties, DAYA’s shower pan enhances the visual appeal, creates a natural and comfortable atmosphere, and ensures safety for users. In this article, we explore the benefits of choosing DAYA’s low profile shower pan for your commercial bathroom and how it can elevate the overall experience.


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Low-Profile Design for Sleek Bathroom Aesthetics

DAYA’s low profile shower pan is designed to provide a sleek and streamlined look to your commercial bathroom. With its minimalistic design and slim profile, it seamlessly integrates with any bathroom style, enhancing the overall aesthetics. The low-profile design not only offers a modern and sophisticated appearance but also provides a convenient and accessible showering experience for users.

Delicate Slate Stone Texture for Visual Appeal and Comfort

Our low profile shower pan features a unique delicate slate stone texture that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your commercial bathroom. The textured surface creates a visual appeal, mimicking the natural beauty of slate stone. This texture not only enhances the overall ambiance but also contributes to a comfortable and minimalist atmosphere, making your commercial bathroom a welcoming space for users.

Anti-Slip Properties for User Safety

Safety is paramount in any commercial bathroom setting. DAYA’s low profile shower pan incorporates the delicate slate stone texture directly into the mold, ensuring that the anti-slip properties are built-in and long-lasting. Unlike surface-applied coatings that can wear away over time, our shower pan’s texture remains intact, providing reliable and durable anti-slip properties. This feature gives users peace of mind and reduces the risk of accidents, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic commercial bathrooms.


DAYA’s low profile shower pan is the perfect solution for commercial bathrooms that prioritize both aesthetics and safety. Choose DAYA as your partner in elevating your commercial bathroom experience. With our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, we provide you with a shower pan that combines functionality, visual appeal, and durability. Trust DAYA to transform your commercial bathroom into a space that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

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