Choosing the Perfect Resin Shower Tray for Your Hotel: DAYA’s Wholesale Solutions

When it comes to outfitting your hotel bathrooms, selecting a high-quality shower tray is essential. The right shower tray should be easy to cut, adaptable to different standards, and designed to avoid columns and corners. In this article, we will explore how DAYA, a leading manufacturer in resin shower trays, offers an ideal solution for hotels and businesses looking for customizable, durable, and stylish options.


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Easy to Cut and Customize

Our resin shower trays are designed to be easily cut to fit any space, allowing you to create custom shower areas tailored to your hotel’s specific layout. Whether you need a square, rectangular, or even a more unconventional shape, our shower trays can be seamlessly adjusted to match your vision.

Adaptable to Different Standards

Hotels often have to adhere to various building codes and regulations, which can vary from one location to another. DAYA’s resin shower trays are manufactured to meet industry standards, ensuring compliance with safety and accessibility guidelines. With our products, you can easily find a shower tray that fits the specific requirements of your hotel, regardless of the geographical location.

Avoiding Columns and Corners for Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount in hotel bathrooms, especially when it comes to avoiding accidents caused by sharp corners or obtrusive columns. DAYA’s resin shower trays feature a sleek, seamless design that eliminates corners and columns, minimizing the risk of injuries and providing a smooth and comfortable shower experience for your guests. Our commitment to safety sets us apart and ensures peace of mind for both you and your patrons.

Customize Your Logo: A Touch of Personalization

In the competitive hospitality industry, branding plays a crucial role in creating a memorable guest experience. DAYA understands the importance of branding and offers the option to customize your shower trays with your hotel’s logo. By incorporating your logo into the design, you can further enhance your brand identity and create a consistent look throughout your hotel bathrooms.


When it comes to choosing the right resin shower tray for your hotel, DAYA provides an ideal solution. With our shower trays, you can easily cut and adapt them to different standards, ensuring compliance and flexibility. DAYA’s B2B wholesale solutions cater to the unique needs of hotels and businesses, providing durable, stylish, and customizable resin shower trays that elevate the bathroom experience for guests. Choose DAYA and transform your hotel bathrooms into luxurious and functional spaces.

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