DAYA: Providing High-Quality and Customizable Shower Tray for Your Home

As the demand for high-quality bathroom products grows, more and more homeowners are turning to shower trays as an elegant and practical solution for their shower spaces. If you’re looking for a reliable shower tray manufacturer that can provide you with customizable and beautiful shower trays for your home, look no further than DAYA.


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DAYA is a leading shower tray manufacturer that prides itself on providing its customers with the highest quality products and services. Our company is committed to excellence in every aspect of its business, from product design and manufacturing to customer service and support.


Customization Options


One of the biggest advantages of choosing our company as your preferred shower tray manufacturer is our ability to customize our products according to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a specific shape, size, color, or pattern, we can create a shower tray that perfectly matches your requirements.


This customization process allows you to have complete control over the final product, ensuring that it meets your exact specifications. Additionally, the customization process helps to ensure that the shower tray fits seamlessly into your bathroom decor, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your space.


Company Advantages


Our company is not just another shower tray manufacturer; the company has several unique advantages that make them stand out from the crowd. First and foremost, our company is a source factory, meaning we control every aspect of the production process, from design to manufacturing. This level of control allows them to maintain strict quality standards and ensure that our products always meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


In addition to our source factory advantage, our company has also earned several international certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and SGS. These certifications demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.


Lastly, our company provides a one-stop service that includes product design, production, testing, and shipping. This means that you don’t have to worry about managing multiple vendors or coordinating different aspects of the production process. Instead, you can trust us to handle everything, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


Product Advantages


Our shower trays are made of composite material, consisting of 93% resins and mineral fillers. This composition makes the shower trays durable, long-lasting, and resistant to scratches, stains, and discoloration.


Another key advantage of our shower trays is our beautiful patterns and designs. Whether you’re looking for a classic, minimalist look or something bold and eye-catching, our company has a wide range of options to choose from.


Furthermore, our shower trays are designed with safety and applicability in mind. The non-slip surface ensures that you and your family can use the shower safely, while the low-profile design makes the shower tray accessible for people of all ages and abilities.




If you’re in the market for a high-quality, customizable shower tray, then DAYA is the manufacturer for you. With our unique advantages, commitment to quality and customer service, and beautiful and functional products, our company is the ideal choice for homeowners and dealers alike. So why wait? Contact us today to start creating your dream shower space!

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