DAYA Wholesale Shower Pans: Durable, Resistant, and Uncompromising Quality

Are you tired of shower pans that start to crack and leak after just a few months? Look no further! Introducing DAYA wholesale shower pans – the epitome of durability, resistance, and uncompromising quality. Whether you’re a business owner looking for a long-lasting solution or a contractor in search of reliable products, our shower pans are here to revolutionize your bathing experience. Say goodbye to subpar materials and hello to excellence with DAYA wholesale shower pans!


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Resistant to Acidic or Caustic Cleaners

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in commercial settings. Our wholesale shower pans are specifically designed to withstand the corrosive effects of acidic or caustic cleaners. This ensures that your shower pans remain in excellent condition even after frequent cleaning using strong chemical agents. With DAYA shower pans, you can maintain a pristine appearance while ensuring long-lasting performance.

No Defects After Heat Treatment

Heat resistance is crucial for shower pans, especially in environments where high temperatures are commonly encountered. DAYA shower pans undergo rigorous heat treatment at 100°C, ensuring that they remain defect-free even under extreme conditions. This process not only enhances the durability of our products but also guarantees their ability to withstand hot water and steam without compromising on quality. With DAYA shower pans, you can provide your customers with a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Durable Color and Intensity That Lasts Over Time

The aesthetics of a shower pan play a significant role in creating an appealing bathroom ambiance. DAYA understands the importance of color longevity and intensity in commercial spaces. Our wholesale shower pans are engineered to retain their vibrant colors over time, resisting fading due to exposure to sunlight, moisture, or cleaning agents. Whether you choose bold shades or subtle hues, DAYA shower pans will maintain their visual appeal, contributing to an attractive and welcoming environment for your customers.


When it comes to wholesale shower pans, DAYA is the brand of choice for businesses seeking durable, resistant, and reliable products. Our shower pans are specifically designed to withstand acidic or caustic cleaners, ensuring their longevity and maintaining their quality. The heat treatment process at 100°C guarantees that our shower pans remain defect-free, even under extreme conditions. Additionally, the color and intensity of our shower pans are built to last, providing an aesthetically pleasing experience for your customers. Choose DAYA wholesale shower pans for a superior bathing solution that combines durability, resistance, and long-lasting beauty.

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